Volunteer teams will install sheet rock, tape, bed and float, install flooring, paint, install kitchen cabinets, electrical fixtures, mow yards and other needed projects in homes of the uninsured, under-insured disabled and elderly.  Homeowners will be referred by the local long-term recovery committee and will have been vetted and assessed in oreder to be placed on the Shalom Builders’ Job Board.  Shalom Builders’ volunteers will be required to sign a waiver form and state that they do have medical insurance and will not hold Shalom Builders or Cornerstone Development Corporation or any affiliated partners as liable.

Shalom Builders of Texas is a cooperating member of the Harris County Long Term Recovery Committee as well as other LTRC in the area.  Gerald Davis is serving as the Executive Administrator and will manage the projects and affairs of the Shalom Builders of Texas.  Shalom Builders will accept local volunteers who can assist with home repairs and help achieve the goals of the organization. 

  • Shalom Builders Vetting Process is as follows:

  • Homeowner provides proof of ownership.

  • Homeowner provides proof that the home is their primary residence and not a second home.

  • Homeowner gives permission to gain access to property and signs  liability clause. (See attached)

  • Homeowner commitment of "sweat equity" if physically able, participation by the family members.

  • Homeowner commits to live in the home for at least the next 3 consecutive years.

  • Shalom Builders commit to provide needed documentation on the vetted homes and provide receipts for materiel purchased if needed.

  • Deliverable Materials

  • Building materials will be ordered from Home Depot or McCoy’s Building Supply at a reduced rate through Shalom Builders partnership. 

  • Work with Lowes, Home Depot and Floor and Decor for the best prices and discounts on appliances, cabinets and flooring.

  • Partner with World Vison for Roofing materials if needed.

About Us
Shalom Builders of Texas Contact Information

1819 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Dallas, Texas  75215


Tel: 214-924-6401

Fax: 214-426-0512


The state of Texas has been inundated with flooding and tornadic activity which prompted Texas Governor Greg Abbott to declare a state of disaster across 31 counties in Texas.  Shalom Builders of Texas has responded remarkably well by supporting families in the long-term recovery phase of repairing disaster affected homes in Houston, Central Texas, Southeast Texas (Orange, Deweyville, Bon Wier), and Brazoria, Texas.  Shalom Builders of Texas seeks to mobilize volunteers and contract with contractors when necessary to assist the uninsured, under-insured, disabled and elderly families recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey over the long-term time frame.  Shalom Builders of Texas seeks to bring God’s Shalom (wholeness) to areas impacted by the disaster.  Shalom Builders is a ministry of the Cornerstone Development Corporation who is seeking to address the tremendous recovery needs of the uninsured, under-insured, disabled and elderly families in the Greater Houston area.


Shalom Builders of Texas seeks to bring God’s Shalom (wholeness) to areas of disasters and particularly to the uninsured, under-insured, disabled or elderly families in the Greater Houston area.  The needs of this identified group ae tremendous due to their lack of financial support and resources.  This identified group seems to always fall through the cracks and are the last to receive help. 


•  Be an avenue of support to the local Disaster Recovery Committees by mobilizing volunteers to assist the uninsured, under-insured, disabled and elderly families in rebuilding their home and community after Hurricane Harvey. 

•  Provide quality work in accordance with the local building codes where the disaster has occurred.

•  Glorify God throughout the process of assisting disaster recovering families by being the presence of Christ and making Him known. 

•  Give as much assistance as possible to complete the repairs for each family enlisted on the Shalom Builders’ job board of families recovering from a disaster.