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Our Purpose

Shalom Builders of Texas is a ministry of the Cornerstone Development Corporation (Cornerstone Baptist Church Dallas).  SBOT is actively addressing the tremendous minor home repair needs of Seniors in South Dallas. The marginalized Senior population is often overlooked and fall through the cracks.  This segment is the last to be served which is why SBOT is compelled to assist Seniors in repairing their home.  

Shalom Builders was once a special group of skilled volunteers serving under Texas Baptist Men Disaster Recovery.  Currently, SBOT is operating as a ministry of Cornerstone Development Corporation focused on the home the Forest District of Dallas and the South Dallas community.

The Need

Shalom Builders of Texas seeks to bring God’s Shalom (wholeness) to Seniors needing minor home repairs particularly to the uninsured, under-insured, disabled or elderly families in the South Dallas area.  The needs of this identified group ae tremendous due to their lack of financial support and resources.

Our Goals

•  Be an avenue of support Seniors needing home repairs by mobilizing volunteers to assist these homeowners with minor home repairs.  

•  Provide quality work in accordance with the local building codes where the repairs are done.

•  Glorify God throughout the process of assisting Senior homeowners by being the presence of Christ and making Him known. 

•  Give as much assistance as possible to complete the repairs for each family enlisted on the Shalom Builders’ job board.

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Shalom Builders is actively working in the South Dallas/ Fair Park community of Dallas to address the needs of Seniors and Veterans in need of  minor home repairs.


Our Vision

Shalom Builders of Texas restoring communities one home at a time. We help the uninsured, under-insured, elderly and disabled repair their home.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support senior homeowners with their minor home repair needs.


We Need Your Support Today!

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